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Noble soul with Shield+: the antibacterial and stain resistant surface.

Indestructible yet delicate in appearance - this is the nature of Pastelli, the new Appiani collection designed to bring the architecture of living spaces back to the original, tailored, sometimes naive dimension. A solution that moves away from traditional patterns, or rather incorporates them, for a project that is ambitious yet free, noble but humble, adaptive and at the same time performing. Where details and decoration are translated into the uniqueness of the geometric textures in connection with shapes, colours, settings.



Natural feeling with Shield+: The innovative antibacterial and stain resistant surface.

Ancestral, compact, authentic, precious, Lapis is pure natural material shaped by the imagination of living stones, generating precious, timeless mosaic pieces. The world of natural stone inspires the origin of the Lapis mosaic: an eternal world recalling the oldest constructions in history. Resistant, valuable, durable: Appiani chooses stone for its intrinsic qualities and reproduces it in porcelain stoneware, quaranteeing perfect modularity with all the existing collections.

Ceramic mosaic

Why choose Appiani?

Appiani ceramic mosaic offers unique technical and aesthetic features: precious Italian enamels and clays are ground and then joined together by co-penetration through dry pressing. The final product is a tiny mosaic tile which is extremely resistant to blows, abrasion and frost, perfect for covering walls and floors inside and outside the home and for decorating surfaces and volumes. The classic bathroom mosaic becomes a key technical and aesthetic element, taking on the connotations of mosaic for swimming pools and wellness areas, pathways and kitchen decoration.

150 years of experience

Ceramic mosaic tiles made with care for almost 150 years.

Founded in Treviso in 1873, Ceramica Appiani has always stood out on the Italian and international markets for its ability to innovate and the quality of its collections. Numerous architects and private citizens have chosen Appiani ceramic mosaic for their residential and non-residential projects, appreciating the shine on the mosaic tiles and the quality of the materials, essential features for long-lasting, beautiful decorated surfaces.

Smart Materials: the active materials will change the world.

Bio Shield+ is an innovative antibacterial + anti-stain mosaic technology, patented and certified

Innovative, high-performance antibacterial technology created to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria for permanently protected surfaces.

With its extraordinary bactericidal power, Appiani BIO SHIELD+ guarantees constant protective action under all temperature and light conditions, with no need for activation by UV rays, and is resistant to the chemical agents and acids found in the most common disinfectants and cleaning products.