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Ceramic mosaic

Why choose Appiani

Single press-firing makes it possible to obtain ceramic products that are virtually unique: previously-atomised glazes and clays are combined by permeation through dry pressing. The firing cycle at a temperature of over 1,200°C enhances the exceptional aesthetic qualities, long life and resistance of the product. These characteristics make the products ideal for a wide range of different applications, both indoors and outdoors, and for both floors and wall tiling.

Why choose Appiani?

• Flooring and wall tiling for outdoors and indoors, can be used for any design and functional requirement.
• Adaptable to any type of architecture.
• A range of sizes to meet any design and aesthetic requirement.
• It is possible to cover solid shapes and curved surfaces with a minimum radius of curvature.
• Secure fixing to curved and different shaped walls to create even surfaces that are pleasant to the touch. Highly resistant to knocks, marks and abrasion.
• Surfaces resistant to chemical agents and moulds.
• Surfaces designed to offer extremely easy maintenance.
• A wide choice of colours with non-slip surfaces that comply with international norms.